Monthly Archive: August, 2012

The Waterfall

living streams of water all around the world moving, in connection across the globe through time and space flowing, ever in motion – Raymond A Foss Day 12 After Friday’s Cricket Tournament and… Continue reading

Coming Home

Day 95

The Grown-Up Tiger

What do you want to be when you grow up? When I grow up I want to be a driver If you had 10 000 rupees, what would you buy? I would buy… Continue reading

The Golden Sunset

  (Haven’t been able to post much of late; Recovering from illness, plus a couple of job interviews.¬†Will be back to the 3-5 posts a week frequency soon :) Until then, I’ll post… Continue reading

The Beautiful Script

At school, the kids learn Urdu, Hindi and English. Most of them know Kashmiri, Pahari and Gojjari as well. Urdu, without a doubt, has the most beautiful script amongst all the languages I’ve… Continue reading

The Kidnap

They are all gone away, The House is shut and still, There is nothing more to say. – Edwin Arlington Robinson Day 11 Day 11 was the first ‘warm’ day during our stay.… Continue reading

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