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Yasir, Aaqib and Muazim.The summer of 2012 will remain etched in my memory as some of the happiest days of my short life so far.  After quitting my first job as an engineer with a Bangalore-based property developer and real-esate firm, I headed over 3100 kilometers from home – the farthest I’d ever been away – to volunteer as a teacher at Haji Public School. Summer in Breswana features stories, images and videos from my volunteering days at HPS and life at the mountainous village of Breswana.

Breswana – Brausan in the local vernacular – spread between 7000 and 8500 ft above mean seal level on an Himalayan mountain range, is a largely agrarian village of about 2000 inhabitants. Untouched by modern facilities and conveniences city lads like me have taken for granted, the villagers lead a simple, self-sufficient lifestyle that makes the most of local resources.

Dearth of qualified teachers for higher classes forced the management of the school to open the teaching posts to volunteers from across the world. Teaching was something I’ve always wanted to do, and when I came across HPS, I didn’t think twice about applying.

After close to a hundred days in the village, it was heartbreaking for me to leave it behind. Posting stories and images is my way of dealing with post-happiness stress disorder (:P) while also satisfying that urge to share personal experiences to the world. :)

I was part of a duo that formed the first set of long-term volunteers at the school. Check the links section for more info on the school and other related blogs. You can also read more about us in the People page.

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– Felix Sebastian
08 July 2012

Updated: 13 July 2012