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The Rebel

P.S. I’ve shifted to Mumbai and have settled in well. I will slowly be getting back to posting frequently. I used to post everyday because it was my way of staying in touch… Continue reading

Coming Home

Day 95

The Grown-Up Tiger

What do you want to be when you grow up? When I grow up I want to be a driver If you had 10 000 rupees, what would you buy? I would buy… Continue reading

The Beautiful Script

At school, the kids learn Urdu, Hindi and English. Most of them know Kashmiri, Pahari and Gojjari as well. Urdu, without a doubt, has the most beautiful script amongst all the languages I’ve… Continue reading

The Kidnap

They are all gone away, The House is shut and still, There is nothing more to say. – Edwin Arlington Robinson Day 11 Day 11 was the first ‘warm’ day during our stay.… Continue reading

The Staircase

One of my favourite places in the school is along the staircase. The architecture of the east-end of the school presents wonderful photo opportunities. Here are three of my favourites, all taken on… Continue reading

The Cricket Tournament

If the wild bowler thinks he bowls, Or if the batsman thinks he’s bowled, They know not, poor misguided souls, They too shall perish unconsoled. I am the batsman and the bat, I… Continue reading

Say Cheese

Thank you, pretty cow, that made Pleasant milk to soak my bread, Every day and every night, Warm, and fresh, and sweet, and white. – Ann Taylor The Second Week Days 8, 9… Continue reading

The Other School

Haji Public School is the only privately run school in (and the immediate neighbourhood of) Breswana. There are a few government-run schools in the village. The one closest to HPS is this: Government… Continue reading

The First Shots

They say, curiosity killed the cat. But frankly speaking, aren’t we all guilty of that? We all have questions, we’d like to have answers to, but cannot find. It may not be to… Continue reading

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